Code of Conduct

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Imaginary Productions LLC is a small, independent production house in Minnesota. We  do not need a Code of Conduct because we’re trying to prove to the public we’re a company that cares. We have this Code of Conduct because we want every member of the cast and crew to know what they should expect of each other, what they can expect from us, and what we expect from them.

  1. The cast and crew are responsible for reading the initial scripts before accepting their position or role. While we want everyone to be able to bring up concerns at any point, the best time to bring up issues is before we get on set. Every member of the production team is thus responsible for having read the initial scripts and being deeply familiar of what will be required of them before we get on set.

  2. We want all cast and crew to feel safe on set. We will not ask any cast or crew to take any action they believe harmful to themselves or another member of the cast or crew. We will include professional fight choreographers, dance choreographers, stunt coordinators, and armorers whenever a scene requires such professional guidance. We will not skip in those areas. If we cannot afford an armorer, we won’t use real weapons. If we cannot afford a stunt coordinator, we will not ask anyone to execute a dangerous stunt.

  3. We respect how cast and crew feel about their own safety and the safety of others on set. It is not enough that we feel we are doing the right things to make the set safe. We will listen when a cast or crew member indicates they do not feel safe. We will take steps to remedy the circumstances that give rise to that feeling. We will not coerce a cast or crew member into any action that makes them feel unsafe. Neither through punitive measures nor through rewards.

  4. We expect all cast and crew to look out for the safety of others. We cannot take sole responsibility for safety. We have delegated decision making down to various members of the cast and crew and they must also be responsible for upholding our perspective on safety. If you see another member of the cast or crew being asked to do something unsafe, say something to us.

  5. We want all cast and crew to be comfortable with what is being asked of them. While safety is included in this desire, it goes beyond physical safety. It also includes emotional safety. In particular, on-screen talent should feel free to ask for emotional breaks when stress or emotions of a specific scene demand it.

  6. We don’t believe in nudity or strong sexual content on screen. This is not a prudish, blanket condemnation of works with nudity or strong sexual content. As a general rule, Imaginary Productions simple does not create works that include nudity or simulated sex acts—and never actual sex acts. Therefore, no producer or director or other person of authority may ask any cast member to be nude on screen or perform simulated sex acts unless it was agreed to in writing prior to the actor accepting their role. Our releases will clearly indicate whether nudity or simulated sexual acts are required or might be required of a role before an actor takes on that role. In the very rare instances in which nudity or simulated sex is necessary for a role, the set will be closed to all but the minimum cast and crew necessary to shoot the scene in question.

  7. Non-sexual contact. Some scenes may exist in our productions which call for romantic physical contact. Examples of romantic physical contact include kissing, hugging, and intimate contact NOT INCLUDING fondling of genitals or breasts. Such scenes are not considered sexual in nature for the purposes of this Code of Conduct.

  8. We expect all of our sets to be professional and positive collaborative environments. Any actions or language that create a hostile environment will not be tolerated. Cast and crew members agree not to engage in such conduct and we will not tolerate such conduct.

    1. Sexual misconduct. A professional work environment does not involve any form of sexually-oriented discussion nor does it allow for individuals to sexually proposition or physically engage with other cast and crew members in a sexual manner. Such activity will constitute sexual misconduct.

    2. Hate speech. We respect people from all backgrounds and we greatly value diversity across many different dimensions. We wish to collaborate with a cast and crew that holds those same values. Hate speech of any form and expressions of bigotry will not be tolerated. In particular, no language or actions defamatory to people based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, mental health, or disability will be tolerated.

  9. Except for props, weapons of any kind are prohibited on any set.

  10. Illegal drugs are not allowed on set. We don’t care what you do on your own time. We just don’t want a drug bust in the middle of a shoot.

  11. Retribution will not be tolerated. Everyone needs to feel free to speak up when the production or individual cast or crew members are getting close to crossing (or already have crossed)  one of the lines delineated in this Code of Conduct. We will not engage in any kind of retribution for a cast or crew member speaking up and we will not tolerate a cast or crew member seeking retribution against another cast or crew member for speaking up.