This is a sample of how embedded content from Seeka TV might look on a real web site. This web site is hosted in Squarespace. To do it, you create a new page and add a "code" block. Then you paste in the lines of code created by this generator.. Our JavaScript and CSS takes over the rest.

In this example, I'm pulling down all three seasons of Theater People. All of the content you see is straight from Seeka TV. If you make a change in Seeka TV, it will show up here.

This data is coming from our testing web site. That means a) that it is much slower than the production web site and b)  It also might error out from time-to-time because of work we're doing, and c) I haven't included the links for people to actually watch the episodes. The final version of this script will include links that take the viewer in to watch each episode.

Play around with the configurator. A similar tool will be available inside our filmmaker tools. You take the code generated by the configurator and load it into your web site. DON'T DO THIS NOW! THIS IS A PROTOTYPE AND THINGS MAY CHANGE.

The current state of the code is at after the prototype. Please feel free to let George or Meagan know of any other customizations you'd like to see or different functionality.